Some of our most frequently asked questions

Why should I choose powder coating?

Powder coating has many benefits. The product and application process allows for a durable, consistent and superior finish to a variety of steel and aluminium items. Because of its versatility and longevity, it also reduces the need for touch-ups and extra costs. Powder coating is also a fantastic application for unlimited colour options, making it both the preferred choice for function and aesthetic.

Why should I choose Kolor Kote?

Quality and service are paramount to us. We’ve implemented QUALICOAT, a European technical standard with Swiss accreditation. QUALICOAT carries International recognition and ensures that our coating processes meet the highest standards and are aligned with international criteria.


The relationships we’ve built over the years have allowed us to become a dominant player in many different industries. Kolor Kote is also a trusted partner to some of the largest companies in South Africa and throughout the world.

At Kolor Kote, we don’t see ourselves as a traditional powder coater. We believe in our brand and consider ourselves partners to our customers with a vested interest in their businesses. We remain humble to our roots and offer the same value proposition to all clients – including the smallest walk-in customer.

Do you offer guarantees?

Absolutely! We believe in our products and processes and are willing to stand by them. Our coatings offer lifetime guarantees of up to 25 years.

How do I know what option will work best for my needs?

In order to ensure longevity of the coating, it’s essential to ensure you select the correct powder product & technical parameters for your application.Our highly trained representatives are well equipped to assist you in this process and are happy to advise you on the best suited solution for your needs!

A few things we take into consideration:

  • Material of construction
  • Intended use (Architectural, Appliance, Automotive)
  • Location in which the product will be used IE: Internal / external, coastal / inland.
  • Expected life span
Do you service individuals and walk-ins?

Our clients vary from local and international, walk-in business and large multinationals. Everyone is welcome!

Is your product environmentally conscious?

Thanks to the eco-friendly benefits of a powder based product and application process, powder coating is a sustainable solution to industry demand for aesthetics and sustainable design. At Kolor Kote, we’ve also implemented an environmentally safe and effective waste management system and ensure to recycle our leftover products. Good for you. Good for the environment.

Can you apply powder coating on both steel and aluminium?

Yes, Kolor Kote offers application on both steel and aluminium products.

Can you help me with a unique colour request?

Of course! Contact us with your colour ideas and if we can’t find a colour within our special ranges, we’ll develop one for you.

How do I look after my powder coated products?

Powder Coatings are extremely robust and are cable of providing superior protection for prolonged periods. With this in mind a regular cleaning and maintenance regime will boost the lifespan of the coating and in turn the product it protects.The cleaning frequency is determined by the specific powder chemistry and the location in which it is used.


For detailed information please download the cleaning and maintenance guidelines OR contact us for a detailed cleaning and maintenance schedule.

I’m an architect / industry professional and I need some more extensive information

We’re happy to answer any questions you have in a personal consultation, but in the meantime, view our downloadable brochures for architects for more extensive product and process information.

Are you a BEE contributor?

We are a level 1 BBBEE contributor, committed to uplifting the lives of our staff and community.

Can you add powder coating on top of older, worn coated or painted items?

If your piece needs a bit of TLC, then we offer touch up sprays. However, for pieces that are well worn, we recommend a pre-stripping process. Provided that the original material is still in good condition under the removed paint or coating, this process allows for a superior coating finish when compared to overcoating items.


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